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PAWSitively Calm LLC, is a fully licensed and insured, in-home board and train business focused on State of Mind training. So why so much focus on creating CALM with our dogs? Aren’t they supposed to have fun and run around like little maniacs? Creating CALM on command can have a major impact on arousal and reactivity issues. Most dog owners suffer from bratty pets due to the lack of structure and consequences needed to stop unwanted behavior. Slowing these guys down will help them make better decisions that would otherwise seem impossible. Do you have a dog that reacts on walks, barks at the dog that's on TV, is fearful or stressed out? Does your dog pull on the leash, rush the door, whine all the time, guard his food bowl, jump up onto the counter to grab what’s cookin, act crazy in your car, and is just constantly misbehaving? Well you’re not alone. Whatever your problem may be, I am here to help you create the framework needed to ensure your dog is the CALM, balanced pooch you have always imagined. PAWSitively Calm, Balanced K-9 Training, is a Central Florida Board and Train focused on helping families live CALM, happy lives with their dogs.

PAWSitively Calm LLC, Balanced K-9 Training

Heather Arthur, Owner - Dog Trainer

Hey there! Welcome to my website!  Feel free to take look around.  I hope you find some of the information here helpful!

I started PAWSitively Calm with the intent on helping struggling families live a more balanced and CALM life with their overly excited, stressed out, bratty pets.  Most of my clients say “I just want to take my dog out in public with me without him going bananas”.  You see, if you could have stepped into my world a couple of years ago, you would have seen an out of control, overly aroused pack that would not stop barking, freaking out at the slightest sound, growling at visitors if they came too close, and separation anxiety at its finest. I was literally embarrassed to go out in public on leash with any of them. Packing up my three dogs in the Jeep for a beach vacation was always a nightmare with all of them barking as soon as the keys jingled, or the parking brake was engaged once settled into the parking spot.  From there I began my research on overcoming and tackling these issues by watching and devouring any Cesar Milan book or video I could get my hands on. Something struck a nerve for me when I saw that in every episode, the owner played a significant role in creating that very behavior their dog was exhibiting. Could I really be the problem? Could too much loving and not enough structure really create this kind of madness? It sure can! And I’m here to tell you that it can all be turned around.  If you want your relationship with your dog to change, you first, must change. It just takes a little bit of hard work from you on changing the dynamic of the household, and I’m here to set up that foundation you need. My goal is help as many families I can, find that peace and harmony we all desire for our lives. 

Rules, boundaries, and consequences are what is needed to create that balance between affection and leadership. When one of these aspects out-weighs the other, a whole slew of bad behaviors can arise. Your relationship with your dog should be permission based. Everything your dog is allowed to do, is because you gave him permission to do so. I am here to help guide you through some basic core skills in establishing your role within the pack so that you can truly have the peace of mind you’ve always imagined. 

My Balanced training approach will bring that CALM, balance back into your family dynamic through commitment and consistency.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing clients walking away from the program feeling empowered and liberated. 

Need help walking your dog? Well, I'd love to help!  Meet Simpson...

Meet Simpson! In this video you meet Simpson, a 3yro Pointer who was out of control, had very little manners, and who was a maniac at home! He jumped on house guests, pulled so bad on leash his owners couldn't take him on walks, ate food off the counter, wouldn't come when called, had massive arousal issues around new people and dogs, and didn't listen when distracted. In two weeks at PAWSitively Calm, he was off-leash trained and totally tuned in! His owners are now able to include this handsome devil in their lives, wherever that may be!

Want to know what our Puppy Program entails? Check out the video below for more info!

Does Your Dog Need Help with Confidence and Reactivity? Check out Marshmallow's complete transformation below!

Marshmallow was found tied to a piece of park equipment and abandoned by his owners. His finders tried finding a new home for him so I reached out and offered a two week board and train so that Marsh didn't end up in the same predicament. You can see his complete transformation in this video!

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