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Hi there! I’m Heather Arthur.  Dog and people lover, dog trainer, and artist. I grew up on a small farm in Michigan: horses, goats, cats galore, rabbits, mice, birds, squirrels, salamanders, praying mantis’ (if it was a living creature, I had it as a pet at some point!), and of course dogs, lots of them. The love for animals went further than my immediate family. You could always be sure to find a multitude of puppies and dogs at any one of my relative’s homes. My Aunts, Uncles, Grandfather, all dappled in the dog training business. Whether training for the field trial championships, basic obedience, or hunting, Labradors and English Setters were my world. I honestly can’t think of a happier moment than when I was placed in a pin of 20 puppies, licking and loving on me at my Great Uncle’s kennel in Port Huron, MI. 



My dog training venture culminated from a passion for the hairy guys, and the companionship that can be cultivated when proper training is implemented. You see, I had those dogs that people would call “out of control.” I don’t have children, so yep, my dogs filled that void in my life. Non-stop "fur-baby" talk, WAY too much affection,  and spoiling at every chance I could get. I spoiled my dogs because it felt good, not knowing that it was making them messes. No structure, no accountability, no consequences for bad behavior. My dogs had no leader to provide them with the structure needed to be CALM and balanced. What did this ultimately culminate into? Dogs excessively barking at any passing cat, the mailman, the amazon delivery guy, the TV when a dog was displayed, you name it! Charging the door, going bonkers when I left the house, or room! Car rides, forget it! Walks down the street, embarrassing and avoided. My dogs were constantly amped up and stressed out. I was so unhappy and had no idea that I was to blame. 

Then along came my hero, Cesar Milan. Every book written, show, episode, DVD, he was presented in, I devoured. Slowly I started to change the dynamic in my house from part of the pack, to Leader of the pack. My relationship with my dogs became permission based. Each and every action they took was now becoming one that was only allowed by me. I discovered that I couldn't just be a dog lover, but that I needed to be their leader in order for them to trust that I have everything under control. I defined the triggers that caused the problems, becoming more aware of how each of them caused my dogs to overreact and become overly aroused. It could be something as strange as the sound of my electric toothbrush! I learned A TON from Jeff Gellman, Sean O’Shea, and Victoria Smith and figured out what it takes to create CALM on command. My dogs needed guidance, rules, and boundaries. Balancing the relationship between leadership/rules, and affection, is where the magic started to happen.

Once I had a handle on my family dynamic, I wanted to share my knowledge and skills with anyone else that may be struggling with the same or similar circumstances. Hence, PAWSitively Calm was formed. I want to help people understand why the bratty behaviors they see in their dogs are happening and how to fix them! As a team we can work together to solve your problems. My goal is to create that CALM and balanced dog you’ve always wanted, thereby preventing the return, or surrender to, those awful shelters. The number one reason dogs are surrendered to shelters, returned, and prematurely euthanized, are due to minor behavioral issues like jumping, barking too much, or not being able to walk them on a leash. A dog trainer helping humans take back control of their lives, and finding balance with their dogs because of it;  empowering people to become aware of their role and what they are contributing to or lacking of, to better all involved. That’s what it’s all about! If you are ready to transform your life with your dog, I am here to help!

Can’t wait to chat with you about your dog!

Heather Arthur

Heather is a fully licensed and insured dog trainer located in Winter Park, FL. Heather is a graduate of T3, Train the Trainers, hosted by internationally recognized dog trainers, Jeff Gellman of Solid K-9 Training, Sean O'shea of  The Good Dog, as well as Florida's very own, Victoria Smith of Take the Lead. Heather has attended Jeff Gellman's, RV Dog Training Seminars, a comprehensive training seminar focusing primarily on dog behavior modification, obedience, and how to stop unwanted behaviors. Heather attended a one week shadow program, following the one and only Jeff Gellman, and his talented trainers, learning all there is to know about aggressive behavior modification and running a board and train facility. Heather has also completed Tyler Muto's "Leash Reactivity - Self-Study. Heather continues her dog training education by attending quarterly seminars and workshops around the country.

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